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About VidFuneral

VidFuneral have helped tens of thousands of people participate in funerals from home.


Moxley Productions was founded in 2019 in Ravensdale Co Louth. We developed VidFuneral.com to cater for the unique needs of those experiencing grief at a difficult time.


We are equipped to live stream from almost any location using multiple networks.

We offer, high quality filming, broadcast and editing services, from our professional and discrete team.

We use professional Sony cameras, with high quality zoom lenses, allowing our videos to have an emotional quality not possible with webcams.

A link to the livestream will be available on this website before the funeral.

About Me

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My name is Oliver Moxley I am the founder of VidFuneral and Moxley Productions.


I graduated from Brighton Film School in 2006.

I was trained in traditional motion picture production on 35mm film stock.


I have an Architecture degree and specialist-level experience in design and film making.

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Moxley Productions


Tel IRL: 08769123202

Tel UK: 07980925880



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